Lend Capital To Private Companies Seeking to Go Public

Loaning capital to private companies, with revenues, that want to go public.

US Investment bank offering a small number of annual opportunities for you to loan money for a % of equity in public company +

Money back + interest

Asset backed with the Public company Shell (PUBCO) which is worth about 300% of your loan amount. So it is an almost no lose proposition with a very high potential exit.

100% independent of the stock market gyrations. Whilst we can only do about 7-10 such deals a year, making it not as scaleable as investing in stocks, it does offer much bigger gains.

3 year returns:

Returns in stocks: About 100%. Risks 20%+

PUBCO: 300%-500% (NIL)

Do one deal. See it through. That will take about three years. When you cash out. Do 3+ with the profits. Maybe that is enough?

Before I send you full details of exactly what/how we do it in 2 pdf files Fill out the form and I’ll be in touch.

Here is a good explanation on going public with an equity share

Introduction into Investment Banking

Smart money does not trade, it creates at the ground floor in no lose business deals.

Mark Crisp


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